Elder Mediation – Essential Conversations

Elder mediation can be helpful in several different ways and the mediator can be engaged by the elder person or the family.

  • If the elder person remains very capable of managing their own affairs yet the family is struggling to initiate a conversation whereby they offer extra help around the home or health care coordination, we can help to initiate and mediate the conversation.
  • If there is a family rivalry or deep misunderstanding that has compromised the quality of relationships and it’s important to resolve the matter once and for all so the family can move on, whether it be in harmony or in separate directions, we can help you to achieve that reunion, or closure.
  • If someone is intentionally or unintentionally usurping the elder person’s independence, believing to know what is best for the elder person, we can facilitate a mediation that will provide education about aging and establish boundaries of respect.

Elder Mediators

  • are experts skilled in helping families talk about and resolve conflict over the many issues facing aging parents. We are skilled at deescalating conflict to preserve relationships at difficult times.
  • understand family dynamics and assist to transform conflict into harmony, leveraging quality of life for aging parents and healing where sibling rivalry may have existed.
  • if requested, will provide a Memorandum of Understanding that can help the parties stay focused on achieving the goals they agreed upon.


To discuss if mediation is the right choice for your family, please contact:

Dan Silver, Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker #422500, M.S. Ed, Family & Elder Mediator, Capacity Assessor designated under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992

Affiliations: Ontario Association of Family Mediation, Ontario Association of Social Workers and Collaborative Practice Niagara.

Phone: 905.641.2111