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My choice to specialize in working with individuals and families affected by mental health issues is very personal. In 1973, my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and in 1993 he died. As a child I saw his pain and that of my parents, two other brothers and extended family. At that time the mental health system was poorly equipped to help Jonathan while offering nothing to the families. There are no magic fixes but I offer practical solution-focused approaches to improve your advocacy skills, knowledge of the health care system and heighten your own self-care skills. I am a passionate advocate offering integrity of character and hope.

The primary techniques I use when counselling are Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Insight Mediation and Motivational Interviewing.

People do recover from mental illness more often than believed.

Dan Silver, RSW M.S.Ed OCCSW #422500

Psychotherapist, Family and Elder Mediator

Capacity Assessor designated under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992

Many insurance companies cover the cost of counselling, including OTIP. Please check your limits.